Advion Ant Gel 30gr

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Advion Ant gel bait is effective at killing pharaoh ants, foraging red imported fire ants, carpenter ants, and  ants like acrobat ants, big headed ants, and ghost ants. Advion Ant Gel bait utilizes a unique strategy to eradicate entire ant colonies, not just the visible workers.
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Advion Ant Gel 30gr

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Advion Ant Gel 30gr

Advion Ant Gel 30gr offers a powerful, long lasting solution that eliminates ant infestations at the source. This gel bait delivers fast acting results without harming your family or pets.

Benefits of Advion Ant Gel:

  • Eliminates entire ant colonies: Advion Ant Gel reaches the queen and her brood, stopping the infestation permanently.
  • Fast-acting results: See visible ant activity decrease within 24-48 hours.
  • Long-lasting protection: Continues to kill ants for up to 3 months.
  • Safe for children and pets: Formulated with indoxacarb, a child and pet friendly active ingredient.
  • Clean and easy to use: No messy sprays or powders, just apply small dabs of gel.
Advion Ant Gel
Advion Ant Gel


  • Convenient 30g syringe: Easy to apply and store.
  • Highly attractive to ants: Formulated with a sweet bait that ants can’t resist.
  • No repellent effect: Ants readily consume the bait, spreading it to the entire colony.
  • Effective against all major ant species: Including sugar ants, carpenter ants, and odorous house ants.
  • Odorless and non staining: Discreet and safe to use around your home.

How to Use Advion Ant Gel:

  1. Identify the ant trail: Look for lines of ants entering your home.
  2. Apply small dabs of gel: Place dabs near ant trails or entry points.
  3. Leave undisturbed: Don’t wipe away the gel. Ants will transfer it to the colony.
  4. Repeat as needed: Maintain application until ants are gone.

Why Choose Advion Gel?

  • Save time and money: Eliminates ants permanently, preventing future infestations.
  • Protect your family and pets: Safe and not toxic solution for peace of mind.
  • Enjoy a pest free home: Say goodbye to annoying ant trails and bites.

Components of Advion Ant Gel:

  • Indoxacarb: The active ingredient that kills ants effectively.
  • Sweet bait attractant: Entices ants to consume the gel.
  • Gel base: Holds the bait and allows easy application.
Component Percentage (%) Purpose Information
Indoxacarb 0.10% Active ingredient Insecticide, disrupts ant nervous system, non-repellent
Sucrose 5-10% Primary sugar attractant Targets sugar-feeding ants, readily consumed
Glucose 3-5% Additional sugar attractant Enhances appeal and palatability
Fructose 2-4% Alternative sugar attractant Broadens appeal to diverse ant species
Protein Hydrolysate 2-5% Protein attractant Targets protein-feeding ants, mimics natural food sources
Cellulose 3-5% Thickener and carrier Forms gel consistency, holds attractants and active ingredient
Glycerin 7-10% Humectant Prevents gel from drying out, maintains attractiveness
Propylene Glycol 3-5% Solvent and humectant Dissolves other ingredients, aids gel consistency
Water 60-65% Base for the gel formulation Provides carrier liquid for other ingredients
Food Colorant  <1% Enhances visibility of gel May vary in color, attracts ants visually
Preservative  <1% Prevents mold and bacterial growth Maintains product integrity and safety

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