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Argivit Smart Food Supplement 3×150ml

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Argivit Smart Food Supplement 150 ml:
This supplementary foods enhance a balanced diet by adding more nutrients and energy. Promoting better health and aiding in physical and mental growth.

Argivit Smart Food Supplement 3×150ml

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Argivit Smart Food Supplement 150 ml

Benefits of Argivit Smart Food Supplement 150 ml

It is designed as an improved formulation of Argivit Focus Syrup, thanks to the Phosphatidylserine, Iron, L-Carnitine, Choline and Vitamin K it contains.

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Item Size:
150 ml

How to use Argivit Smart Food Supplement

It is recommended to use 1 scoop (5 ml) per day on a full stomach for children and adults. Shake well before use.

Product Composition:

Deionized Water, Sorbitols (Humidifier), Glycerol (Emulsifier), L-Arginine, Choline, L-carnitine, Phosphotidylserine, L-Ascorbic acid, Zinc Gluconate, Nicotinamide, Polysorbate 80 (Emulsifier), Xantham Gum (Stabilizer), Ferrous sulfate , Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), D-Pantothenate Calcium, Cholecalciferol Vanilla Flavor, Menakuionon 7, Manganese Sulphate, Caramel (Flavoring), Thiamine Hydrochloride, Sucralose (Sweetener), DL- alpha Nutrition-tocopheryl acetate, Riboflavinoxidedr, Hy Pyvtinoxide
Active IngredientIn 5 mLActive IngredientIn5 mLL-Arginine250 mgVitamin B11mgCholine100mgVitamin B20.9mgL-Carnitine100mg Vitamin B60.5mgPhosphatidylserine100mgVitamin A240mcgVitamin C70mgFolic Acid150mcgCincgMcVitamyrium235mgVitamirum50mgVitamin C70mgFolic Acid150mcgCinkmcgVitamyrium235mgVitamyrbidenum50mg mgChrome60 mcgVitamin D10 mcg Biotin15 mcgVitamin K 30 mcgVitamin B121.5 mcgManganese0.85 mg

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Argivit is a food supplement with Arginine, Creatine and Carnitine, rich in mineral salts and multivitamin, a product of Aesculapius Farmaceutici.Our product is intended increase in length and regulate to appetite , improve overall health and help manage some health conditions & provodes all support to the immune system. Bazaarica represents Argivit Brand for you. This food supplement containing phosphatidylserine, L-Arginine, multivitamins and minerals for its customers. You can find the best Argivit products in bazaarica.com and with the best prices as usual. Our Mission Our main focus is to provide high quality products and services to the customers with the highest quality standards Why Choose Us bazaarica means Istanbul for its customers. All benefits of Istanbul is in your home Our Goals
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