Bioder by Bioxcin Hair Reducer Cure (Biocure) For Body Area

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Hair Reduction Cure
For Body Area

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Bioder by Bioxcin Hair Reducer Cure (Biocure) For Body Area

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Bioder has developed the Biocure Series by bringing an innovation with the concentrated and powerful combination of Herbal Complex B and special herbal extracts. Containing 93% Herbal Serum for Epilation and Post-Depilation, Biocure Facial Cure contains oil, serum and lotion formulations that work with a synergistic effect.
The concentrated formula provides a reduction in hair appearance and thinning in just 3 days of use after epilation.
Oil: The formula, specially developed with vegetable oil mixtures, provides an effect to reduce the appearance of hair, while soothing the skin after epilation, moisturizing it and providing a silky softness.
Serum: With Turunc and Herbal Complex B extracts, it reduces the appearance of hair without damaging the skin.
Lotion: Contains specially selected herbal extracts such as red clover and soybean extract. As the last stage of the cure, it provides a barrier function-strengthening care to the skin that has been treated with oil and serum after epilation and provides maximum effectiveness.

How to Use

Biocure Hair Reduction Cure is applied to clean skin for 3 days in the following order, following any epilation management (waxing, laser, tweezers, etc.) that removes the hair from the root.

Day 1: Hair Reducing Oil
Day 2: Hair Reducing Serum
Day 3: Hair Reducing Lotion
A sufficient amount of the product to be used is taken every day according to the above order; It is applied to dry and clean skin free of hair. The area should not be washed after use. It has been specially formulated considering the different skin and hair structure of the facial area. It can be used regardless of hair and skin color. The application sequence specified in the usage form should be followed.

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Bioder by Bioxcin

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