Bioder by Bioxcin Herbal Epilation Waxing Tape For Face Area

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Herbal Secret Waxing Tape
For the Face Area

All Skin Types

*** Bioder and Bioxcin are brands of Biota Laboratories Company.
Bioder and Bioxcin is produced by Biota Laboratories Company

Bioder by Bioxcin Herbal Epilation Waxing Tape For Face Area

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Citrus Extract Bio Epilation Glazed Tape Wax removes unwanted hair in the most practical way; From the first use, thanks to the herbal extract* it contains, it reduces the appearance of hair**, thins the hairs** and provides long-lasting smoothness.

*Formula enriched with herbal extract
**The effect of bromalein on the hair on the skin.

How to Use

Rub between your hands for 30-40 seconds to warm up the wax strip.
Gently separate the two tapes that are sticking together.
Apply one of the two strips to your skin in the direction of the hair growth.
While stretching your skin with one hand, with the other hand, pull the tape parallel to your skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth in a sudden and single motion.
After the waxing process is finished, gently wipe your skin with the Bio Epilation cleaning wipe and remove the wax residues.

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Bioder by Bioxcin

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