Biomagic Hair Color Cinnamon No: 77.66:

Biomagic Hair Color Cinnamon No: 77.66

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Biomagic Hair Color Cinnamon No: 77.66:
It is produced with natural extracts and argan oil cures in its content, gives the hair its color pigmentation using the most natural ways

Biomagic Hair Color Cinnamon No: 77.66


It is a care product of the BioMagic brand containing certified organic raw materials. Biomagic Hair Color Cream No: 77.66 It is a cinnamon colored natural dye. It is produced using certified organic raw materials. Creamy, light textured. Its content enriched with keratin and argan oil nourishes and strengthens the hair. It has excellent white closure performance. It does not contain ammonia. Thanks to its special formula with natural ingredients, it does not cause allergic reaction or irritation.

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