Collagen Forte™ Ketogen – 20 Sachet

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Effect of Collagen: Supports to decrease appetite and accelerate metabolism

Collagen Forte™ Ketogen – 20 Sachet


Its high protein content, along with supporting you to keep full, helps to prepare you for a ketogenic diet without being hungry.

It also supports accelerating your metabolism with its CLA and L-Carnitine content.
Dense collagen
Switching to smaller portions
Helps prevent nighttime snacking

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Collagen Forte

Bazaarica represents Collagen forte Brand for you. You can find the best  Collagen products with the best prices as usual on Bazaarica. Collagen forte offers potential benefits such as improved skin health, joint support, and enhanced hair and nail strength, among others, making it a versatile protein for overall well-being.
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