Flormar Ultra Thin Eyeliner Black 001

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Flormar Ultra Thin Eyeliner Black 001:
• Allows you to make eye make-up in different ways
• Dries quickly, does not smudge and is water resistant, and remarkable throughout the day
Best eye liner by flormar, eyeliner makeup pen by Flormar

Flormar Ultra Thin Eyeliner Black 001

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Flormar Ultra Thin Eyeliner Black 001

Flormar Ultra Thin Eyeliner Black 001! This seems like a classic and reliable pick for achieving precise and defined eyeliner looks. Let’s break down its key features:


  • Intense Black: Imagine a rich, true black shade that delivers bold pigment in a single stroke. It’s not overly blue or gray, making it a versatile black that suits most eye colors and makeup styles.


  • Ultra-thin felt tip: The incredibly thin and flexible tip allows for incredibly precise application, ideal for creating razor-sharp lines, cat eyes, tightlines, and delicate details.
  • High pigmentation: Delivers intense black color in a single stroke, minimizing the need for layering and ensuring your lines remain visible.
  • Quick-drying: Sets quickly to prevent smudging or transferring, ensuring your flawless lines stay put throughout the day.
  • Water-resistant: Bonus points for water resistance, making it suitable for hot weather, tears, or even a quick dip.
  • Easy to control: The thin tip and comfortable grip provide excellent control for creating various eyeliner styles with precision and ease.


  • Precise and versatile: Ideal for achieving sharp lines, intricate designs, and delicate tightlines, catering to various makeup looks.
  • Intense black pigment: Delivers bold, dramatic black lines that make your eyes stand out.
  • Long-lasting and reliable: Quick-drying formula and water resistance ensure your lines stay put without smudging or fading.
  • Easy to use: The thin tip and comfortable grip make application smooth and controlled, even for beginners.

Things to consider:

  • Thin tip learning curve: While great for precision, the ultra-thin tip might require some practice for those who are used to thicker eyeliner applicators.
  • Black can be harsh: If you prefer soft or subtle looks, a thinner tip with a brown or colored shade might be a better choice.
  • May not be waterproof: While water-resistant, it’s not fully waterproof, so take caution if you anticipate heavy sweating or swimming.

Best eye liner by flormar, eyeliner makeup pen by Flormar

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