Hilti Turkish Honey Epimedium Macun 240gr

Hilti Turkish Honey Epimedium Macun 240gr

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Turkish Hilti Honey Epimedium Honey 240 gr, from Turkey is completely 100% natural and herbal. This herbal honey can be used for an exciting and happy married life


Hilti Turkish Honey Epimedium Macun 240gr

What is Hilti Sexual Strength Paste?
Hilti Men’s Epimedium Paste to increase sexual energy on adult men
Hilti putty is a strength paste for prolonging your intercourse.
Hilti sexual enhancement paste may have a heavier effect compared to products such as pills, capsules, tablets, but it does not tire your health.

How to use Hilti Sexual Strength Paste?
Adult individuals 30 – 45 minutes before sexual activity 1 dessert spoon, wooden spoon is recommended. The effect may vary in duration depending on the person’s structure.
Suitable for men
It is not recommended to be consumed with alcohol.
Not recommended for blood pressure and diabetes patients.
It should be stored in cool and sunless places, due to its structure, it may melt and make you uncomfortable. We make hilti paste for customers who are undecided about which one to buy between performance and energy pastes, with affordable price and effective quality.
It is not used for treatment…!

Hilti Sexual Strength Paste Benefits
It provides an extra contribution to your sexual energy, sexual power formulated for men who have problems such as erection and premature ejaculation.
Don’t worry, just “eat hilti paste”

Product Content;
1 Piece
240 Grams

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