Isana Collagen Booster Paper Face Mask

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Long-lasting moisture is provided on the skin.

Isana Collagen Booster Paper Face Mask

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• Isana Collagen and grape seed extract paper face mask supports the skin’s natural regeneration process and improves the appearance of the skin, including newly formed wrinkles.
• Collagen, which is in the natural structure of the skin, provides elasticity and tight appearance to the skin and acts in a supportive way for the moisturizing effect of the mask.
• Long-lasting moisture is provided on the skin. The lipids inside provide care by feeding the skin and help a flexible appearance.
• Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.
• Does not contain microplastics.

Result: The skin looks refreshed and is nourished with moisture for a long time. The appearance of newly formed wrinkles is reduced and a more even and plump skin appearance is provided.
• While your skin is revitalized, it takes a brighter and radiant appearance.

How To Use

• Before use, thoroughly clean and dry your face.
• Take the paper mask out of the packaging and place it on your face. Wait for 10-20 minutes to take effect, then remove the mask from your face.
• Rub the remaining mask on your face as if you were massaging it or clean it with a light touch with the help of a tissue.

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