Lierac Hydragenist Lip Balm 3g:

Lierac Hydragenist Lip Balm 3g

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Lierac Hydragenist Lip Balm 3g:

Moisturizing, plumping, lip balm.

Lierac Hydragenist Lip Balm 3g


Lierac Hydragenist Lip Balm 3g

 Product Brand:Lierac

Domain: Lip care. Summary Information: Moisturizing, plumping, lip balm. Product Benefits: Moisturizes and plumps. It offers two kinds of shine. Natural shine effect, pink shine effect. Protects and nourishes the lips. Who it’s for: For women looking for a nourishing and re-plumping lip balm
How to Use: Apply as needed throughout the day.

Frequency of How to Use:
As often as desired.

Product Composition:
Rosewater, iris, vanilla.

Additional information

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The objective has always been a simple one: create treatments customized to meet specific skincare needs. Signs of aging, skin burnout, stretch marks, menopause..


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