Lierac Hydragenist Morning Mist 100ml:

Lierac Hydragenist Morning Mist 100ml

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Lierac Hydragenist Morning Mist 100ml:

Moisturizing, plumping, comforting morning mist.

Lierac Hydragenist Morning Mist 100ml


Lierac Hydragenist Morning Mist 100ml

Product Brand:Lierac
Product Size: 100ml

Domain: Skin care.
Summary: Moisturizing, plumping and comforting morning mist.
Product Benefits: Moisturizes and plumps the skin in the morning. Equalizes and smoothes the skin tone. Provides antioxidant protective care. It has a light gel texture.
Suitable Skin Type: For those who want to complete their daily beauty routine with a moisturizing skin care product. For women who want to remove sleep scars and have a more vibrant and smooth skin.
How to Use: Spray on clean and dry skin by closing your eyes and massage with your fingertips to absorb the product.

Frequency of How to Use:
It is suitable for daily use.
Product Composition:
Rosewater, jasmine, gardenia.

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The objective has always been a simple one: create treatments customized to meet specific skincare needs. Signs of aging, skin burnout, stretch marks, menopause..


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