Helps Your Beard Look Livelier and Stronger. Contains Herbal Complex

Luis Bien Beard Booster Set

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Helps Your Beard Look Livelier and Stronger. Contains Herbal Complex, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil. Stronger Beards with Stimulating Dermaroller.

Luis Bien Beard Booster Set

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Natural Solution to Beards with Beard Strengthening Set Dermatologically tested Beard Care Serum;
It consists of natural extracts. Dermaroller; It is a cylindrical apparatus with 0.5 cm long very thin needles on it.

It helps to repair the area where it is applied. This effective set contributes to having bright and vibrant beards in regular use.

What is the Beard Strengthening Set? What is it?

It repairs weak beard and mustache. It helps to eliminate the problem of shedding in the beard and mustache. It helps to nourish the hair roots.
It contributes to the care of the skin under the beard. It helps the beard to grow faster and more vividly.

Thanks to its special herbal content, it cares for the beard from root to tip. product exists.

How To Use:

Using the Beard Strengthening Set Gently massage your clean skin with a dermaroller. Then clean your skin. After waiting for a while, apply the serum. Massage it into all beard and beard roots. Leave for at least 30 minutes.

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Luis Bien

It produces new generation cosmetic formulas with superior technology. With its half a century of experience and expert team, Luis Bien offers the highest quality products to the users.


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