Luis Bien Intensive Hair Treatment Shampoo 350ml

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Special Herbal Ingredients are Designed to Strengthen and Care for Hair. With Regular Use, Contributes to a More Vivid and Shiny Hair.

Luis Bien Intensive Hair Treatment Shampoo 350ml

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Strong Care for Weak Hair, Make a Difference with Your Hair

Concentrated Effective Care Shampoo, which has rich ingredients, will provide hair care up to 100% in regular use.
It provides a full and voluminous appearance by caring for the hair. Contributes to a strong and shiny appearance in the hair.

Condensed What Does Effective Care Shampoo Do?

It provides deep care while washing your hair. It purifies the hair from excess sebum and dirt. It moisturizes the hair and creates a silky texture.
It nourishes and softens the hair roots.
There is 350 ml of product in the box.

How To Use:

Use of Concentrated Effective Care Shampoo After wetting your hair with warm water, apply shampoo. Apply by massaging the hair and scalp for 1-2 minutes. After waiting for a while, rinse your hair with plenty of water. It is suitable for daily use. It should be repeated every 2 days for an effective result.

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Luis Bien

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