​Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Lotion 200ml

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​Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Lotion 200ml ” body lotion by Mustela Soothing”:
Provides long-term moisturizing. Plays a protective role on your baby’s skin.
Banish dry, tight skin and say hello to soft, happy giggles with Mustela Moisturizing Lotion

​Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Lotion 200ml

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Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Lotion 200ml ” body lotion by Mustela Soothing”

Banish dry, tight skin and say hello to soft, happy giggles with Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Lotion (200ml)! This gentle giant works its magic like a cuddly blanket, wrapping your little one’s skin in a comforting layer of moisture and protection:

Hydration Hero: Infused with Avocado Perseose, a natural wonder ingredient, this lotion deeply nourishes and replenishes lost moisture, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth, and oh-so-comfortable.

Calm the Itch Monsters: Say goodbye to irritation and redness! Schisandra, a natural extract, works its magic to soothe dry patches and calm itchy sensations, giving your little one’s skin the peace it deserves.

Gentle Guardian: Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, this lotion is a safe haven for even the most delicate skin. No worries about harsh chemicals or unwanted scents, just pure pampering for your precious one.

Suitable for All Stages: From newborns to toddlers, this lotion welcomes every bath time with gentle care. Whether your little one’s skin is dry, sensitive, or prone to atopic eczema, this is your go-to for all-day comfort.

Embrace the Ease:

  1. Gently massage a dollop of lotion onto your baby’s clean and dry skin, focusing on those extra-dry areas like elbows, knees, and cheeks.
  2. Repeat 2-3 times a day for lasting hydration and comfort.
  3. Watch your little one’s smile grow brighter as their skin feels soft and loved.

Bonus Tip: Pair this lotion with other Mustela Soothing range products for a complete head-to-toe comfort routine. Remember, if your baby’s skin concerns persist, always consult your healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Mustela Soothing Moisturizing Lotion (200ml) – your gentle ally for happy, healthy skin, every day. Every touch, a whisper of love, leaving your little one feeling perfectly pampered and ready to conquer the world, one giggle at a time.

Product Benefits:

This lotion, specially designed for very sensitive skin, provides instant and long-lasting moisturization and plays a protective role on your baby’s skin.
Suitable Skin Type:
For Very Sensitive Skin


Gently apply to baby’s body morning and evening. Frequency of Use: If necessary.

Product Composition:


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