NUXE Insta-Masque Detoxifying + Glow Mask 50ml

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a refreshing detox mask made from activated botanic charcoal.

NUXE Insta-Masque Detoxifying + Glow Mask 50ml

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Fragrance: woody notes and bergamot;
Texture: gel;
Skin issues: dullness, impurities, pollution;
Time of application: once or twice a week;
Age: 13+;
Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;
Main benefits: captures and removes accumulated impurities from the skin, restores luminosity to the complexion.

How To Use

Apply a thick layer of NUXE Insta-Masque Detoxifying + Glow Mask to dry skin, while taking care to avoid the eye contour area. Leave on for 2 minutes to capture the impurities that have accumulated on the skin’s surface. Then, with damp hands, massage the mask onto the skin until the gel turns into a lotion. Finally, rinse with running water.

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