Set: Bioxcin Quantum Hair Loss Serum Ampoules 15x6ml + Bioxcin Black Garlic Shampoo 300ml

Set: Bioxcin Quantum Serum Ampoules for Hair Loss 15x6ml + Bioxcin Black Garlic Shampoo 300ml

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It provides targeted repair and makes hair look thicker and thicker from the first use. Helps prevent hair loss by feeding hair follicles with BiocomplexB11.

Set: Bioxcin Quantum Serum Ampoules for Hair Loss 15x6ml + Bioxcin Black Garlic Shampoo 300ml

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Set: Bioxcin Quantum Serum Ampoules for Hair Loss 15x6ml + Bioxcin Black Garlic Shampoo 300ml

Bioxcin Quantum Hair Care Serum 15x6ml Ampoules:

It is an intense restorative and refreshing hair care serum against hair loss for all hair types.

For Anti-hair loss
Hair Type: All hair types
Product Type: Serum

Product features
It can be applied to repair and restore weak, lifeless, spilled and worn hair. It can be used to repair damaged hair by attaching to the damaged hair sur for fullness and volume. It can be applied to protect the hair of individuals with hair loss problems. Bioxcin Quantum Bio is a serum with herbal ingredients to care for damaged hair, provide shine and strengthen. It can be used to protect and care for treated hair that needs care.
Product Advantages
It can be applied to make the hair voluminous, full, healthy and strong. Hair care is important. Otherwise, hair loss, breakage, rupture and dryness may be seen. Hair is like the symbol of women. It is one of the factors that make them look attractive and beautiful.
Product Usage
After shampooing, it is applied to moist hair ends and hair by massaging for 1 minute. It does not require rinsing.

Bioxcin Black Garlic Shampoo

The content of Bioxcin Black Garlic Shampoo provides complete care for hair by making multiple influences of rich actives by adding volume, vitality and brightness to hair

Bioxcin Black garlic shampoo helps prevent hair loss with black garlic extract and BioComplex B11 herbal extract in its content; The hair adds volume, vitality and brightness. Bio-Activ Peptides ensure that the hair is thicker and bushy. The ivy extract contributes to the healthy elongation of the hair.

Dermatologically tested.
It does not include allergies from perfume, hypoallergenic.
Suitable for the use of sensitive hair.
Compatible with pH, ​​hair and skin pH.
Sling does not include paraben and phthalate.
Suitable for use after hair cultivation.



It helps prevent hair loss by feeding hair with BIOCOMLEX B11 in its content.

The content has flavonoids, vitamins and minerals.
• Vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5, B9): helps strengthen the hair wires.
• Minerals (copper, zinc, iron, calcium): feeds hair.
• Flavonoids (Kemferol, Apigenin, Myricetin): Protects the hair strings from damage.
• Saturated fatty acids (Omega-6, Omega-9): Effective against hair loss.


It is a formula which is composed of 18 amino acids and with peptides clinging to the hair. It is an active equivalent to the existing peptides in human hair and includes the original peptides of their layers with the cortex and the cuticle.

black garlic extract

The black garlic extract in the content is effective against hair loss. Repairs the worn hair and gives the hair vitality and sparkle.

Ivy extract (HEDERA HELIX)

The ivy extract also helps the hair to grow healthy.

How To Use

Hair is soaked with warm water. Some shampoo-haired skin is gently massaged with 2-3 minutes and is applied to the foaming. Hair is rinsed with warm water and this process is repeated once again. Suitable for frequent use. Rinse in contact with eyes.”

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